April 25, 2017

Fishing is hardly more enjoyable if compared with collecting variousfishing lures for bass.The process delivers excitement and anticipation every time you are about to fill your tackle bag with some brand-new good-looking poppers, spinnerbaits and plastic worms. However, catching fish is still the primary objective for every angler.

Tempting fish can turn out to be a tough challenge without taking into account some essential factors such as season, water temperature and other conditions. For this reason, choosing the lure is very important. What are the bestsummer bass fishing lures? What is the best choice fortop water bass fishing lures? We will try to answer all these questions in the article.

We collected some of the topbass fishing lures based on some experts’ opinions. They include various types of baits such aswinter bass fishing luresandearly spring bass fishing lures. The list contains some great options whatever the water conditions, season and temperature are. Here we go!

Soft Plastic Stick and Worm Baits

When you need to choose thebest fishing lures for bass, plastic worms are the first to consider. They appear to be among the most efficient baits for bass no matter what size of the waters and other conditions are. The variety of presentations is overwhelming.

senko is a traditional variation of a stick bait

You will be amazed by a selection of colors, sizes, features and other crucial aspects delivered by this particular type of bait. Catching bass with the help of plastic worm is very easy. Just rig it directly on a hook and adjust the small weight to the head.

fanatik dagger and dagger active

Worms can be divided into two main categories: with and without a tail. Anglers still argue about which one is better. However, both have some advantages and should be used under specific water conditions.


Worms with tails are better for:

  • Active bass;
  • Dirty water;
  • High water temperature;
  • Sparse weeds.


Worms without tails are better for:

  • Open water;
  • Low temperature;
  • Clear water;
  • Heavy fishing pressure.


If you prefer a more unique and versatile style of catching bass, you can opt for spinnerbaits. Some may think they are of no use when tempting a fish because you will hardly find any natural feature in the look of this type of lure.

Traditional Spinnerbait

On the other hand, thousands of anglers use spinnerbaits for many decades appreciating their ability to leverage the sensitivity of bass lateral line through vibration and flashing blades.


Spinnerbaits appear to be the most popular lures with both professional competitors getting ready for the next tournament and weekend anglers looking for the slightest chance to let their hair down off the beaten track. Those baits perform great in a shallow water in spite of their little resemblance to minnow or live bait.


Crankbaits have proved to be the most versatile lures presented in different variations. Your fishing success may totally depend on the variation you choose. In spite of size and color, you also need to consider a range of factors when choosing the most efficient crankbait for a particular fishing day.

types of crank baits

Choosing the right lure of this type can be daunting. You need to consider the shape, no rattle or rattle. The lip, wobble width, diving depth and more. Diving depth is the key factor when selecting the right bait. For this reason, all crankbaits can be divided into three major categories:


  • Shallow divers – these baits are perfect for fishing in the water to our feet;
  • Medium divers – these baits create more water resistance when diving deeper;
  • Deep divers – these baits are perfect for summer fishing whenever you need to go deeper in search of a cooler water.


Crankbaits require faster fishing techniques if compared with any other type of lures.  

Top Water Baits

These baits deliver probably the most thrilling bass bites. For this reason, they are the top choice for the majority of anglers. Top water fishing lets you witness the blowup that eventually turns into an epic battle between the angler and the fish. And you are lucky to get your place in the first row to see the action in full swing.

selection of topwater lures

Top water baits are rather versatile, as anglers can use various techniques to make the bass go mad. Those lures have proved to be a good idea for early summer and spring fishing at dawn or dusk when the water temperature is mild. At the same time, you can opt for some other variations that can suit any season and water conditions.


It seems like poppers exist from day one of bass fishing. These lures represent the oldest and most popular type of baits that are still available today. Moreover, they are still extremely effective when it comes to catching a fish.


Poppers have evolved over decades featuring brand new modifications and improvements. They are presented in different variations and styles to fit various fishing conditions and techniques. Nevertheless, the baits can be generally divided into two main types:


  • Spitters – this is a relatively new type of poppers. Apart from chugger, the shape of the mouth is not symmetrical although the baits may look similar at first glance. Such shape prevents the lure from creating water bubbles in front of it;
  • Chuggers – it is a well-known classic popper lure. The design lets the lure make noises similar to “pops”. That’s exactly how it got its name.


Poppers relate to topwater baits. They are designed to create the dome of water over the bait attracting fish.

Wrapping Up

Well, today we have discussed some of the best and most popular baits for bass. You may have tried some of them while others are still a closed book. Choosing the right lure will affect your fishing success depending on water and weather conditions as well as some other crucial factors.

We provide an enormous selection of baits and lures for all tastes and likes. Whether you are getting ready for another summer tournament or want to spend a weekend catching fish in spring, our digital shelves always have something to offer. Contact us for more information.

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