October 27, 2016

As an angler, a lot of you are probably asking yourself: “What is Fanatik?” and “What makes these fishing lures unique?” In our post, we will give you the answer to these questions and provide you with more details about what to expect with Fanatik’s baits.


The Birth of a Legendary Lure

Fanatik is a Ukrainian bait manufacturer founded by the World Champion angler and best Ukrainian angler Iurii Petrash, who not only founded the brand but is also the creator, designer, and tester of all Fanatik baits. The culmination of over 15 years of fishing experience and his enormous knowledge of this industry has allowed Iurii to create baits that guarantee you results.Fanatik's founder Iurii Petrash at Larva 4.5" testingIurii’s goal was to create baits that work as well as Japanese or American analogs, but for a fraction of their price. We have achieved this by incorporating Fanatik’s secret ingredient into all our baits, which greatly enhances its allure to fish. Iurii states that he applied the experience of his feeder fishing anglers who pay a lot of attention to the bait’s taste rather than to its smell. 
This conclusion was reached by observing fish’s behavior and its anatomy. Iurii discovered that a fish’s taste receptors not only reside in its mouth, but also on its fins, and the body: this is why there are times where you feel a hit on your bait before the actual bite — the fish is tasting and testing the lure. 
Taking this into consideration, Iurii decided that fish are far more attracted to prey that they are familiar with, and enhanced the flavor of the bait by adding an additive which is 100% natural and extracted from the natural habitat of the fish. The water which we extract our additive from is rich in microorganisms and other elements which make Fanatik baits taste so delicious. The addition of salt is like adding a cherry on a beautiful cake: the bait becomes meatier, heavier, and tastier. 

Fanatik Boxer catching walleye


Our Initial Success

It didn't take long for Fanatik to become popular in Europe. Affordable prices, high-quality, extreme attention to details in design, and unbeatable performance left anglers demanding for more. Fanatik started its line up with common bait types such as: Boxer, a minnow type vibro-tail made for catching pike and active walleye; and the popular grub type twister bait Viper, displaying exceptional results with active predators like bass, pike, and walleye.

Fanatik Boxer catching pike
Our real success, however, came with the introduction of the legendary bait which we now call Larva. Originally designed and developed as a bait for micro jigging, it expanded into various sizes ranging from 1.6” to 4.5”. If you haven’t heard about it, just Google “Fanatik Larva” and you will see for yourself just how incredible it is: the most universal fishing bait on the market, that not only catches perch and bass it was designed for, but also pike, salmon, trout, and even salt water fish like mackerel. We suggest that you read this blog post by Tom Lloyd from the United Kingdom, who took Fanatik baits for an urban fishing test. 

Fanatik Larva catching Rainbow Trout


So What’s Next?

Congratulations if you haven’t fallen asleep while reading this, you’ve made it to the end! :) 
If you are interested in using our baits, we highly recommend you start your journey with Fanatik with our Larva. Choose from our wide selection of colors and sizes to find the lure just right for you! We highly recommend starting with natural colors (color codes 001 — 006) and trying out the popular purple color (color code 008). You can use a variety of presentation options for this bait starting with traditional jigs, football jigs, Carolina, drop shotting, or anything else you could name.
You should also check out this video which demonstrates how this bait plays using different presentation methods. Just make sure that you start this video on 1:45 :)

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed and will come back for more: we created this bait for you to catch lots of fish easily! 
In the nearest future, we will be releasing content on how to present our fishing baits, what hooks and knots to use with it, and Iurii’s personal experience in fishing on a professional level through our YouTube channel which is currently in development.
We wish you everyone best of luck at fishing and we greatly appreciate any feedback from you in regards to our website or our products! 
Cheers and happy fishing!

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