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Why Red Lures Are So Great In the Spring

Some of the best spring bass baits are crankbaits in crawdad colors because they feed heavily on them during this season. As you probably know, we don't have any hard baits yet. However, red swimbait like our Lady Bandit, Crawfish imitation like Lobster, and our almighty Larva XL in Tomato Red Colors will do great!




Early Spring Largies & Smallies Love Crawfish

There are multiple theories about why red is such a compelling color. One of the theories suggests that bass key on red as spring is the molting season of crawfish. Mudbugs turn reddish during the molt and become more visible and vulnerable, making them an easy meal.

Tangerine Lobster: Care, Size, Color, Food, Feeding & Molting - Video

What The Pros Think About It

Ever since we launched a line of colored jigs and hooks, we noticed a pattern: we get significantly more bites when casting red. If you don't trust our expertise, see what Kevin VanDam has to say about it. Red is such a hot color in the South because many of the lakes in that region have red clay bottoms. Aquatic creatures in the lake can blend in with their surroundings, so if bass see something red in a lake with a red clay bottom, the fish recognize it as something to eat.


RED is the best Spring Color According to Science

One more article states that science has found the answer: bass eyes are similar to ours. They contain different photoreceptor cells called rods and cones. Rods help them in low light, while cons are sensitive to specific colors. University researchers have discovered largemouth bass contain only two different kinds of cone cells sensitive to green and red. Long story short, this combo below will be a perfect spring combination: green body with red accents.

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