Lead Demountable Jig Fanatik


There are numerous options of jigs on the market starting with fixed head jig painted for the most realistic look, ending with shaky head jigs for a better bottom casting animation.


However, there were no ultimate solution for anglers until today. European and Russian anglers started using Demountable Jigs a while ago (they are called Cheburashka Jig there) and in less than couple of years, it became dominant due to its unique characteristics: 

  • The best possible animation possible
  • Amazing freedom of movement 
  • Versatility beyond imagination due to its special construction


Traditional Cheburashka Jig found its place in North America and known as Football Jig, but the problem with this jig is the same as any other jig – it takes a while to change a bait and you have to use connection rings to change hooks.

That is where Demountable Jig Fanatik brings the game to a completely new level! Demountable means that in less than a minute you can completely change your fishing setup to different hook, bait or weight! 


If you are looking for the best in class performer, than Tungsten is the only option for you! Due to its high density it is the best scanner of the bottom of the body of water, and what is more importantly it makes a unique acoustic effect which attracts fish! 

However, lead jigs are great due to its cheaper price and higher variety. We recommend using Tungsten to find fish, and after that using lead to actually catch it.

  • Much cheaper than Tungsten 
  • More size options


This kind of versatility turns into a game changer at tournaments or moments when you need to act fast! Think how many times you missed a moment of choosing a right color and lost a fish. Well, with Demountable Jig Fanatik it will never happen to you again!



Anglers use various presentation and animation methods while utilizing soft plastic baits. The most popular retrieve method used in Europe and Russia is the so called “stepping retrieve”. It is a simple method which guarantees results and has helped Iurii Petrash (our founder and world champion angler) win multiple competitions. Everything begins with casting your bait, then you wait till your jig or soft plastic bait hits the bottom. You can tell its reached the bottom via a hit on your rod or by simply watching your line, waiting for it to lose a bit of tension. The next step is 2 to 3 rolls of your reel, making the bait go up, and then you wait again till it hits the bottom. All you have to do is to keep repeating the cycle till you find fish: with these cycles bites are guaranteed. The reason for this is simple - predators and fish in general naturally hunt for sick or feeding prey, movements which are replicated by the “stepping retrieve". Try using it with Fanatik's Demountable Jig for the best results!

 For active baits like twisters/grubs, active minnows, etc. we recommend making the “step” bigger by increasing the rolls of the reel (3-4). Passive baits on the other hand like Goby, Larva, bug, etc. will be better animated by short “steps” as it will seem more natural (1-2 rolls).