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How Much is Shipping?

We are offering 3 tiers of express airmail shipping rates:
$6.50 shipping on orders under $25
$5.00 shipping on orders over $25
FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50

How long is processing time?

All orders get processed the next business day and shipped to the post office by the end of the day. It takes another day for post office to process it, so it would be on the way to you on a second business day from the moment you place the order.

When will I get my order?

The estimate is 5 to 10 business days from the moment post office gets it. Please keep in mind that these are just estimates as it really depends on USPS, Canada Post, and other postal services which are affected by the COVID.

Where is it coming from?

During COVID times, everything is coming directly from the manufacturing facility in Ukraine. Once COVID is done, everything will be coming from our offices in Toronto and Buffalo NY.

What about returns & refunds?

If you order gets lost and it is indicated on the tracking page, we can issue you a full refund or we can resend your order. You can also return your order if products are unopened and not damaged.


Why Fanatik?

Let's be honest. There are lots of fishing brands out there. So why choose Fanatik?

1. Our goal is to give you, not the dealer or the distributor, a spectacular fishing experience. You are the boss!

2. We believe that there are too many Pro Fishing companies out there forgetting about anglers like us. Fanatik will give you a versatile and straightforward tackle that works.

3. Back in 2012, we found an ingredient that makes things taste natural for fish. All of our baits are enhanced with it, so don't be surprised to smell or taste something strange.

4. We make unique products, and we are proud of them. You won't find Senkos that every company is copying here on our store.

5, We are available 24/7 using online chat, and we'll be happy to hear your fishing stories or help you with a product selection.

Where are these made?

All soft plastic lures and jigs are manufactured in Europe. The rest of terminal tackle is made on the same factory that is making Owner hooks. Fluorocarbon is made in Japan and it is the most durable compound available on the market. We are only working with the best factories in the world but if we can make it ourselves, that is what we will do.

What is this Secret Ingredient?

It is called "secret" for a reason, but you can be sure that it is 100% safe for fish and the environment. The idea was to find something that would be present in all waters around the world and what would entice fish to bite.

Is it available anywhere else?

We are working on Amazon integration and will be happy to feature our products in your local tackle shops.

Product Care

Our plastics can be stored anywhere and same goes for pretty much everything we offer. Hooks and snaps have ceramic coating so they don't rust much. Reels and rods require basic care.