Bandit Spinning Rod


Bandit Spinning Rod Description:

This is our second model made for bigger fish and the ability to fight in the harshest conditions like strong currents or weedy ponds. We kept the same philosophy when worked on these rods: durability and ease of use. They are designed to be able to handle pretty much any fish and any tackle you have in your box, and any condition you can imagine. 

All blanks are extra fast or fast and a lot more sturdy when compared to the Light Larva Model. Guides are coated with composite material for further casts and made more durable to be able to handle the speed and power of bigger fish. EVA handle makes it comfortable to hold it under any weather condition and it is much grippier compared to traditional cork designs.

Bandit Rod Features:

  • Heavy Duty carbon fiber blanks for extreme sensitivity and durability
  • K concept guide design created by Fuji
  • EVA handle for the best comfort in all weather conditions
  • Comfortable composite reel holder
  • As usual with Fanatik, the best price for the quality you will find on the market. 

Larva Rod Benefits:

I test every single piece presented on this website and as a fan of Gary Loomis and Shimano I can comfortably say that this performs the same but you won't pay the premium for the brand. All rods come with special covers and all of them are 2-piece to make sure shipping is safe.

Shipping is FREE for all rods!