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Bandit Spinning Rod

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Something About It

This is a big brother, mean and muscular, ready to take on any challenge you give him. The idea was the same as for Larva Rod - create the most sensitive rod, which would be good for anything and wouldn't break. We made the walls thicker, the handle longer, and the guides sturdier. The result is a $125 rod that is the same in performance as $600 rods from other brands.

  • Spiral weaving technology allows this rod to be lightweight and extremely durable. The only other rod that utilizes this tech costs over $600.
  • Long and comfortable EVA handle. As good as a cork handle can be, EVA is superior to it because it keeps your hands warm and gives more comfort.
  • SiC has been the "gold standard" of guide ring material for over 20 years. Titanium rings save weight without compromise in strength. 
  • Every rod gets shipped in a protective tube with a travel case to make it easier to bring with you. 

Works Best For:
  • Our main goal was to create a truly versatile machine like the old G. Loomis Mag Bass series. This is exactly the philosophy this rod represents. Jig, plastics, cranks, spoons, it will handle it all.