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Boxer Description:

There are numerous variations and options of soft plastic shads lures, but Fanatik has selected the most efficient one: the fish-a-like soft plastic fishing baits or so called swimbait. These baits feature an extensively long body, circular ribbing along the entire bait, and a small circular tail which has proven to be the most efficient and yield the most results at fishing various types of predatory fish among shads fishing lures. Bass, pike, walleye, and even catfish attack this bait because of its realistic play and action in the water.

Boxer Benefits:

  • Very realistic action and play
  • Long lasting and durable 
  • Suitable for all kinds of fishing hooks
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's secret ingredient 
  • Affordable price

Fanatik’s Boxer has three major differences in comparison to other soft plastic shad baits. The first feature is its massive head which is compressed horizontally, making this bait suitable for all types of hooks, allowing it to last longer. Secondly, the ribbing along the body serves as protection against large fish bites, allowing our bait to last longer compared to other soft plastic shads lures.

Boxer Features:

  • Circular ribbing along the body for all those fans of extra attractant and scents
  • Special design of bait's tail for the best possible action
  • Special compound of soft plastic for enhanced durability

Finally, the addition of our natural formula extract ensures that once a fish bites, it won’t let go. As a result, you are getting a soft plastic shad bait which not only lasts longer than regular shads fishing lures, but also makes fishing a pleasure, removing the need for fixing and adjusting the bait all the time.

Used For:

  • All kinds of bass (largemouth, smallmouth, peacock, spotted, etc)
  • Active walleye and zander
  • Active pike, musky and pickerel 
  • Active salmon