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Something About It

Swimbait is probably the most popular type of lure. Even here at Fanatik Baits, we have four of them. So why Classic? One distinctive feature is a specifically-shaped tail that makes it act like a wounded or hurt fish, making it much more attractive to predators. Classic is doing a job of being a versatile all-arounder. You can call it a multi-tool in the world of swimbaits.

  • The entire body is ribbed to create extra vibrations and noise, attracting fish to it 
  • The tail is shaped in such a way to simulate a hurt or weakened shad asking to be attacked 
  • This lure is probably the most durable swimbait we have because of a slightly different compound so that it will last longer than others

Works Best With:
  • The Corkscrew Rig is my favorite addition because I can use Treble Hooks with it
  • Jigheads of all sorts will also do great, but I am a fan of a Demountable Bullet Jig
  • Weightless and weedless, since this lure is on a heavier side, you will cast it further and will have more control over its action 

Species you can target:


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