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Classic Description:

The Fanatik Classic is the ideal swimbait: it features a massive body promising a decent meal for the amount of energy spent to the feeding fish. Its highly expressed “waist” guarantees an amazing play and freedom in the water. Finally, its specially designed tail perfectly mimics movement at the slightest retrieve at any speed. 

Classic Benefits:

  • The best action which is deadly for pike and musky
  • Extreme durability 
  • Suitable for all kinds of rigs (Texas, Carolina, Jig Head, Demountable Jig Fanatik, etc) and hooks
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's secret ingredient
  • Affordable price

 Every fish has special receptors on its sides and we guarantee that any fish will feel an amazing acoustic effect from this lure due to its tilted ribbing along the body and its tail.

Classic Features:

  • Special design of the tail for "injured fish" play and action in water
  • Ribbing along the body for all those fans of extra attractant and scents
  • Addition of salt to the soft plastic compound for "bite and never let go" result

When fish bite our bait it extracts salt and our natural formula extract, yielding a flavor that is indistinguishable between real fish and the Fanatik Classic. We highly recommend using this fishing bait with fixed jig heads or Demountable Jig Fanatik when you go after pike, walleye or bass.

Used For:

  • Deadly for pike and musky
  • Active walleye and zander
  • Active bass
  • Salmon

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