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Corkscrew Rig

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Something About It

We know you like casting swimbaits because who doesn't... We have something special for you! Meet the Corkscrew Rig - the best swimbait rig for open water fishing! The idea was to let us fishermen use treble hooks with our plastics without destroying them after each bite. With this rig, the hook stays inside the fish mouth while the bait can move freely. As a result, you go through fewer lures and can keep casting day and night. 

  • Use Treble Hooks with any plastiс you want, but I recommend swimbaits and grubs
  • The jig is diamond-shaped to reflect more light getting more of the fish attention 
  • This rig is available in different colors, and you can make some great combinations. My favorite is a black jig, red hook, and white swimbait!

Works Best With:
  • Bandit and Lady Bandit were designed specifically for this lure, but any swimbait will do
  • All kinds and sizes of treble hooks, but again we recommend ours cause they are hand-welded and a little more durable 
  • Don't forget about good leader if you are going after pike or musky 

Species you can target:
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass love it on open water
  • Walleye will destroy your grubs and paddle tails 
  • Pike and Musky won't escape from this Rig