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Cranberry Rig

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Something About It

We created the Demountable Jig system because of its speed and versatility and then designed the Lollypop rig for the same reasons. Ever since then, we've wanted to improve on this idea. Cranberry rig was born as an evolution of Jig Rig. You will need a fishing snap to use it, but it will give you extreme versatility when jigging.

  • This rig will save you time eliminating the connecting pin and, as a result of it, two steps from the process of changing your lure 
  • This rig is a solution to those seeking the lightest weights possible as we have it as light as 1/28 oz
  • Use it with our fishing snap to be able to jig it the way you would cast your traditional jigs
  • Different colors will allow you to create your perfect combination 


Works Best With:
  • Whatever you use for jigging for bass or walleye, or any other fish
  • I personally love using it when I need the lightest weight to add to the action of the bait
  • I use it more on with my spinning gear as I feel having more control over it, but it is my personal preference 

Species you can target:
  • Literally, anything as big selection of colors and weights will cover most applications