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Dagger Active

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Something About It

Stick or worm baits...what can be more simple yet as effective. We could be one of those companies copying Senko, but what fun is in've read it in Dagger's description. Dagger Active follows the same idea but an ultra-soft textured twister tail that makes this lure great for more active presentation. This model will do better in the summertime and on a more active fish in general. 

  • It is very light compared to other baits giving it an almost neutral buoyancy
  • The long ribbed body will capture bubbles and create noise; and long, soft, and curly twister tail will seduce all fish around it
  • Dagger Active is longer and meatier, making it a better lure for bigger fish 

Works Best With:
  • I personally love it on a Lollypop Rig because of a twister tail. If you look at it underwater, you will see a worm swimming by
  • Almost neutral buoyancy makes it perfect for Drop Shot, Ned Rig, Neko Rig, Wacky Rig, or any weightless application 
  • It is probably obvious, but Texas and Carolina Rigs are your go-to's with this lure

Species you can target:
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass 
  • Walleye when you are jigging
  • The smaller size will do great for panfish 


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