FDL11103 Long Double Hook


Fanatik FDL11103 Long Double Fishing Hook is made in Korea using the latest developments in hook production such as chemical sharpening and a higher concentration of VHI-Carbon. Chemical sharpening makes it sharp during its entire life and concentration of VHI-Carbon gives it an outstanding durability and elasticity.

The main difference from a known FD1140 model is that this one has a longer shaft which works great with swimsuits and longer baits where you need to set the hook at the slightest nimble.


  • Double chemical sharpening for the best in class sharpness
  • High concentration of VHI-Carbon for extreme durability 
  • Special coating for invisibility 

Construction of this hook will make it perfect for any rig but particularly a so-called Cheburashka or Demountable Jig Fanatik. When you see how the bait plays in water during retrieves with this hook you will never come back to anything else.


  • Double the hook – double the chance of getting the fish
  • Longer foundation for easier rigging
  • Affordable price compared to other brands

This hook and its construction make it perfect for any kind of soft plastic baits: worms, minnows, creatures, you name it. You may think it is hard to rig this hook, but it is actually super easy, just watch our video about Fanatik Fishing Hooks! Try it with Demountable Jig Fanatik for the best results!

If you were wondering what kind of fishing hook to buy for bass fishing, just try our Double Hook as it has the best in class sharpness and give you the most when it come to predator fishing hooks.