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FO-3312XL Offset Hook

FO-3312XL Offset Hook


Fanatik FO-3312XL is made in Korea using the latest developments in hook production such as chemical sharpening and a higher concentration of VHI-Carbon. Chemical sharpening makes it sharp during its entire life and concentration of VHI-Carbon gives it an outstanding durability and elasticity. Its large eye will make this hook perfect for any rig but particularly a so-called Cheburashka or Football Rig. When you see how bait plays in water during retrieves with this hook you will never come back to anything else.


This hook and its construction make it perfect for any kind of soft plastic baits: worms, minnows, creatures, you name it.

Product Size Quantity Length of Hook
FO-3312XL Offset Hook №5/0 5/0 2 52mm
FO-3312XL Offset Hook №4/0
4/0 3 49mm
FO-3312XL Offset Hook №2/0
2/0 4 39mm
FO-3312XL Offset Hook №6
6 6 20mm
FO-3315 Offset Hook №8
8 6 18mm