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Something About It

At first glance, it is a typical worm lure with a heavier tail, but it is never that simple with us. We've perfected this design by creating a new type of tail that is quite literally hypnotizing fish. Ribs capture air bubbles and create noise that attracts fish, not to mention that it is a pleasure to chew on. As usual, we wanted this lure to be as versatile as possible, and that is why there is a long and regular model. 

  • A ribbed tail will hypnotize fish to bite. Even though it sounds bold, I encourage you to test it yourself
  • Two models: long and regular that will cover all fishing applications and species
  • A core body is made to be more durable to withstand more bites, but it is also effortless to rig - push Double Hook through or Texas Rig it

Works Best With:
  • This is my favorite lure to use on a Lollypop Rig because of its crazy tail
  • If you love Ned Rig, you will love this bait as the tail will stand straight, making even the most passive fish attack it
  • Texas or Carolina Rigs are great, but I would cast it on a Demountable Bullet with a Double Hook 

Species you can target:
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass will love more extended models 
  • Walleye will bite it on a jighead or Demountable Jig
  • Smaller sizes will get you all the panfish in your pond or lake