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Something About It

Believe me or not but Goby is what gave us first customers on the North American market. We were first to make a Goby imitation lure that looks and works like a real one, and it got huge success on the Great Lakes. Goby is invasive species, so you can't use them as bait, but you won't have to since our plastic is even better. They don't have any defensive features and can only hide, so they are a perfect protein source for predators.

  • Side fins work alongside with backfin moving at the slightest move of your rod or line, making it the most realistic Goby imitation 
  • Heavy head and thicker middle section of the body make it easy to rig, but, most importantly, it can take some severe abuse from fish 
  • All our soft lures are enhanced with our secret natural ingredient, but Goby has some real dried gobies in its body, making it smell and taste like real goby 

Works Best With:
  • This is the best Drop Shot lure you will ever use, especially if you have Gobies in your waters
  • Since Gobies live at the bottom, the Demountable Jig System will do spectacular with this lure
  • A lot of people living in Florida and Texas cast it weightless and say that it does excellent even though they don't have that many gobies there

Species you can target:
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, at the end of the day, a lot of people call it smallmouth candy 
  • Predators like walleye hiding at the bottom will love it on a Demountable Jig or Jighead
  • A smaller size will get you all the fish during ice fishing season 



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