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Goby Description:

Goby is prevalent and is one of the favorite foods of any predatory fish hunting in the lakebed. It’s distinctive because it is high in nutrition, but doesn’t have any defensive features. High fertility rates is what saves it from extinction. Therefore, the idea of making goby fishing lures was pretty clear, especially considering the fact that there are not that many options available on the market. Only some fishing bait manufacturers make goby lures, but we are just simply better, and here is why.

Goby Benefits:

  • Unique development without any direct competitors (the only real goby fishing bait)
  • Amazing results when used on drop shot (cut frontal fins off and get even better results when bite is low)
  • Super soft and durable compound for the most careful fish
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's Secret Ingredient
  • Affordable price

At Fanatik, we believe that must not only create an imitation and simulate movement, but design a fishing bait that also mimics the play and movements of a live goby. Sporting a large head, horizontal fins on its chest, a long thin tail , and the addition of our natural ingredient extracted from pond water, Fanatik Goby baits become irresistible to predators.

Goby Features:

  • The most realistic action you have seen among goby baits
  • Best used on drop shot or Bottom Jigs (try with Demountable Jig Fanatik)
  • Suitable for all kinds of hooks

Its’ specially constructed tail makes our goby move much more natural horizontally - just like the real goby. Fanatik Goby baits will work with all kinds of fishing techniques and you will get bites of bass, walleye, or pike at any second.

Used For:

  • All kinds of bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, etc)
  • Passive walleye and zander
  • Catfish

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