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Larva Lux Description:

Our Larva doesn't need much of an introduction. You all know how great and effective it is when it comes to catching fish. Even though the original was close to perfection, we decided to make it even better and add a very soft and active twister tail to its body in order to make it even better! Try it and decide for yourself what will be your next bait of choice when you go after your dream fish!

Larva Lux Benefits:

  • Fanatik's unique design and development 
  • The best catchability you have ever seen among not just soft plastic creature lures but even shads and worms
  • Catches fish even where there is no bite at all
  • Suitable for all kinds of rigs (Texas, Carolina, Jig Head, Drop Shot, etc) and hooks
  • High durability due to circular ribbing
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's Secret Ingredient
  • Affordable price

At Fanatik, we believe that just mimicking with soft plastic fishing baits is not enough to guarantee performance and results: our baits must be specially designed with consideration to all aspects of a fish’s perception. Thus, the Larva was born: it sports a realistic head and chest with thin legs, and a flat tail covered with circular ribbing.

Larva Lux Features:

  • Moving legs provide amazing action so even the most passive fish bites
  • Special design of the tail provides durability and ability to use scents and attractants
  • High use of salt for "realistic bite" feel
  • Catches all kinds of fish starting with bass, and ending with salt water fish like peacock grouper 

This design of soft plastic creature baits provides a delicate imitation of the larva’s texture when fish bite the and feels the bait. Ribbing offers a greater surface area which interacts with the fish’s taste receptors, and along with Fanatik’s natural formula extract, one bite is all it takes for the fish to get hooked. The result is a soft plastic creature lure that works in any situation when everything fails.

Used For:

  • All kinds of bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, peacock)
  • Active and passive walleye and zander
  • Passive pike and musky
  • Trout and salmon
  • Perch and other panfish 

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