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Larva XL

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Something About It

We wanted a lure to flip with and to use for BIG fish. At first, there were concerns that it is too big, but first tests in Florida proved that it is perfect for a good size largemouth! Further tests showed great results during walleye fishing on Lake Erie. All and all, you should have one if you want to go after some big fish. 

  • Larva's tail is the key - it is perfected to the slightest detail, and ribs make it act like a natural thing
  • We have also added legs that move with the slightest tap on the rod
  • This lure was designed in the way that you can use it any way you want so that any application will do great 

Works Best With:
  • Usually, these nymphs hide under the rocks or in the grass, so that the Demountable Jig System will be the best option
  • Flip it using regular flipping weights or Lollypop Rig
  • Texas or Carolina Rig, Lollypop Rig, Ned Rig, Jighead, literally anything will do great as long as you will let its tail do the magic 

Species you can target:
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass will destroy this bass candy! 
  • Walleye and other bottom predators will love it when bounced on the bottom