Lobster Description:

Visually, this bait mimics shellfish. For a fisherman, the first use of this bait is long retrieves at the lakebed connected with short ups and downs during the work. The Lobster play’s shellfish’s role perfectly.

Lobster Benefits:

  • Ability to use as both passive and active soft plastic fishing bait 
  • Amazing action of pincers which turn this bait into double tailed grub on longer retrieves
  • Works with all kinds of hooks and rigs (Texas, Carolina, Jig Head, Demountable Jig Fanatik, etc)
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's Secret Ingredient
  • Cheap Price

Try using it faster with high jumps or wavy retrieves and this bait will come alive. The two “pincers” start working as paddles, working as the double tailed twister which offer play that is very active and wide.

Lobster Features:

  • Unique design of moving pincers 
  • Ribbing along the body for a better "bite feel"
  • Addition of salt for better taste

The pincers are very soft, forcing fish to bite further where the hook should be located. The front part of the lobster is enhanced with circular ribbing along with Fanatik’s natural formula which will guarantee you a catch. Just don’t forget to separate the pincers before use.

Used For:

  • All kinds of bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, peacock)
  • Walleye and zander
  • Active salmon
  • Perch
Crawfish / Twister 2.2" (56mm) 8
Crawfish / Twister
3.6" (90mm) 6
  • 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006 — Natural Colors;
  • 007, 008, 021 — Purple Colors;
  • 009, 017, 023 — Orange Colors;
  • 020, 022, 024, 026 — Green Neon Colors;
  • 025 — White Color

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