Lobster (5 Bags)

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Lobster Description:

Lobster is our second and most successful try at making great fish catching crawfish imitation with the biggest versatility ever. It has completely redesigned pincers which now are two times softer bringing its action in the water to the next level while keeping the body durable.

Lobster Benefits:

  • Affordable price and high quality when compared competitors
  • Very soft pincers for realistic action
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's Secret Ingredient 
  • Amazing for times when fish is active

Our precision in mimicking live bait and the painstaking analysis of how each element of the bait should work make our bait the most efficient shellfish soft plastic bait on the market. The addition of our natural formula extract which is irresistible to fish only serves to seal the deal.

Lobster Features:

  • Floating pincers together with bait's legs move and create the most realistic action in crayfish lineup of soft plastic baits
  • Use it while bottom casting to find fish if bite is low

The Lobster’s claws mimic live movement due to its large pincers which are connected to a durable body. During the retrieve, the pincers move vertically, which is a precise imitation of real pincers. 

Used For:

  • Active Bass
  • Perch and other panfish
  • Pike
  • Active Walleye