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Lollypop Rig


Lollypop Rig

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Something About It

You can call it Tokyo Rig (name owned by VMC), Jika Rig, or Lollypop Rig. It doesn't really matter as long as it stays on top of any other bass rig when it comes to efficiency and versatility. Our design differs from existing competitors because it is supposed to be used on a heavy-duty snap instead of a swivel. This way, it is less likely to break, but more importantly, it lets you switch hooks. We believe that simpler is better, especially when it comes to fishing.

  • Our rig works on a fishing snap that lets you change lures and hook types in seconds
  • You can use weights that come in a pack or use your own weights
  • Overall our variation provides better value as you are getting more in a pack and you are getting weights with them 

Works Best With:
  • Anything you would flip with, I personally love Larva Lux for this purpose
  • Swimbaits in about 3-inch size dragged at the bottom
  • Twister tails, grubs, craws, and our Lobster which is a mix of both

Species you can target:
  • Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass 
  • Pike and Musky surprisingly loved it dragged near vegetation 

Every order placed in March will receive a FREE SAMPLE of what we believe is the best spring fishing lure.

You will also receive instructions in your order and in the confirmation email with the details on on how you can win a set of our Bandit & Larva Rods.


Let's be honest there are lots of fishing brands out there. So why would you choose Fanatik?

1. We work for you - the angler, not the distributor, dealer, or store. A good product at a fair price is what we want to represent.

2. We make products for simple anglers. We are tired of complicated designs made for pros and believe in utility and ease of use.

3. You've probably heard of our secret ingredient. While we can't share the exact recipe, we can assure you that it safe for the fish and environment.

4. We make unique products that you won't find anywhere else. You won't find Senkos that every company is making. What you will find are lots of unique products made by anglers for the anglers.

5. We are available 24/7 using online chat and we'll be happy to hear your fishing stories or help you with a product selection.

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