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S-57 Micro Jig

S-57 Micro Jig


Fanatik S-57 Micro Jig is made in Korea using the latest developments such as steel with the higher concentration of VHI-Carbon. Every size is made using thickness providing the optimal ratio of durability (there is never little of it), lightness (it is important for small baits providing better play), and pivot thickness (too thin hooks don’t hold the bait that great). Large eye gives necessary freedom at retrieves providing even better play of the bait.

Special thermal processing provides elasticity and its sting goes through double chemical sharpening. The special shape of the sting goes through any mouth of any fish and holds in the worst possible conditions. Dark anticorrosive coating guarantees invisibility of the hook and durability even in salt water.

Product Size Quantity Length of Hook
S-57 Micro Jig №1 1 4 30mm
S-57 Micro Jig №2 2 5 27mm
S-57 Micro Jig №4 4 5 24mm
S-57 Micro Jig №6 6 6 20mm
S-57 Micro Jig №8 8 7 16mm
S-57 Micro Jig №10 10 7 13mm