Viper Description:

The body shape of the twister is proven to be the best. Fishing Bait related to the Grub class feature a long and twisted tail that guarantees a wavy movement and offers the most energetic play while at work. Any kind of retrieve beginning with an easy balance and ending with jumping will work.

Viper Benefits:

  • The first grub bait with honeycomb design of the tail for the best in class action
  • Circular ribbing for enhanced durability 
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's Secret Ingredient
  • Cheap price

Viper features a body that is longer than the conventional twister, making it an active fishing bait targeting far extremely active and energetic fish. The secondary feature of the Viper is its tail: it is constructed to appear voluminous while maintaining a really soft texture.

Viper Features:

  • Unique design of the tail for the best action
  • Ribbing along the body for all those fans of extra attractant and scents
  • Addition of salt to the soft plastic compound for "bite and never let go" result

The circular ribbing alongside its body makes the bite feel tantalizingly realistic for the fish. Finally, this bait creates an acoustic effect due to the construction of its “G”-like tail. The combined effect is an irresistible lure for the fish to bite into.

Used For:

  • Active bass
  • Active walleye and zander
  • Active pike and musky
  • Salmon
Grub / Twister 2" (50mm) 10
Grub / Twister 2.9" (70mm) 8
Grub / Twister 4.5" (110mm) 6
  • 001, 002, 003, 004, 005, 006 — Natural Colors;
  • 007, 008, 021 — Purple Colors;
  • 009, 017, 023 — Orange Colors;
  • 020, 022, 024, 026 — Green Neon Colors;
  • 025 — White Color

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