X-Larva (5 Bags)

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X-Larva Description:

X-Larva is a larger imitation of dragonfly larvae designed for fishing a relatively passive predator of decent size. Passive fish that feed closer to the lakebed fall prey to the X-Larva’s allure. Its design is similar to the small and medium size baits of the Fanatik Larva line, but with some distinct differences.

X-Larva Benefits:

  • Fanatik's unique design and development 
  • The best catchability you have ever seen 
  • Catches fish even where there is no bite at all
  • Suitable for all kinds of rigs (Texas, Carolina, Jig Head, Drop Shot, etc) and hooks
  • High durability due to circular ribbing
  • Enhanced with Fanatik's Secret Ingredient
  • Affordable price

The biggest distinction is the size of the head and chest in comparison to its smaller counterpart. It is designed to be bulkier to attract larger fish to bite it. The second difference is that its tail is compressed vertically.

X-Larva Features:

  • Moving legs provide amazing action so even the most passive fish bites
  • Special design of the tail provides durability and ability to use scents and attractants
  • High use of salt for "realistic bite" feel
  • Catches all kinds of fish starting with bass, and ending with salt water fish like peacock grouper 

This makes its movement differ from traditional Larva, making the lure mimic the movement of worms. This makes the X-Larva the most efficient at short retrieves without losing contact with the lakebed.

Used For:

  • All kinds of bass (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, peacock)
  • Active and passive walleye and zander
  • Trout and salmon
  • Perch and other panfish 

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