Zeta Spinning Reel

Spool Size

Zeta Spinning Reel Description:

Zeta is our medium level reel which has functionality for the experienced amateurs. It is on a heavier side but this is because of the great durability we kept in mind when designed this reel. It also has 7+1 ball bearings making it a smooth and yet again reliable option for those who need a hard-working machine ready to cast day and night. 

Zeta Spinning Reel Features:

  • Light Composite Body
  • Durable Spool
  • 7 high-performance ball bearings 
  • As usual with Fanatik, the best price for the quality you will find on the market.
Gear Ratio
Max Drag 5kg or 11lbs
Handle Side
LH or RH

    Zeta Spinning Reel Benefits:

    I test every single piece presented on this website and as a fan of Gary Loomis and Shimano I can comfortably say that this performs the same but you won't pay the premium for the brand. All rods come with special covers and all of them are 2-piece to make sure shipping is safe.

    Shipping is FREE for all reels!